March Weather brings Hail to South County Area

They say April showers bring May flowers, but before that March weather brings hail to the area. But, if you live in St. Louis you know that April brings with it more than showers. It brings wacky and sometimes nasty weather. This weather also brings the likelihood for hail and wind damage. Storm damage is not just a seasonal, St. Louis hazard. It can wreak havoc on your home and lead to costly repairs, aggravation and pulling your hair out.

Fear not, with a little bit of advice you can properly protect your home and preserve your sanity. Here are the basic steps you need to take to protect your home from hail, wind or storm damage.

Go Local

‘Tis the season of hail damage. Unfortunately, it is also the season of your mailbox being packed full of flyers from out of town, storm chasing contractors looking to cash in on our bizarre St. Louis weather. You want to avoid working with these storm chasers at all cost. They are here now, but when the next round of hail hits somewhere else they could leave you high and unfortunately not dry.

At Elite Exteriors, we take pride in being a St. Louis company and serving the St. Louis community. We are locally owned and our employees live in the St. Louis area. You can rest assured that when you need us we will be there.

Check the Roof

With hail and wind damage one of your main problem areas is likely to be your roof. The most common types of roof problems from wind or hail is damage to your shingles. The shingles can either be knocked off the roof altogether or dented and broken. Missing or broken shingles will make your home a prime target for water damage. When you look at your roof, you want to look for missing shingles or dark spots on the roof. These dark spots are an indicator of hail damage to the shingles. You also want to keep an eye out for an excessive amount of granules from the shingle coating in your downspouts and gutters. This can be another indicator of shingle damage. Other typical signs of roof damage include leaks, damage to your gutters, vents and flashing. If you see these signs it is a good idea to have your roof examined by a professional.

Examine the Exterior

Wind and hail do not just wreak havoc on your roof. They can give the exterior of your home a beating as well. Damage to siding and paint is a very common result of hail or problematic storms. A heavy hail storm can leave your siding dented and cracked.

Watch out for Your Windows

Hail and strong winds can be a major problem for your windows. Obviously, hail could crack or shatter your window. High winds could also rip off your shutters and cause your windows to crack. You want to inspect your windows after a storm, and watch out for cracks or pieces of broken glass.

Hail and high winds are simply an unfortunate part of this season in St. Louis. But if you keep an eye out for the signs of damage and work with a reputable, area contractor you can kick back, enjoy some toasted ravioli and watch the Cardinal game knowing that your home is in good hands.

If you had hail damage to your home, call us at Elite Exteriors at 314-846-3355.

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