Simple Steps to Minimize the Effects of Hail Damage on Your Home.

Hail:  We’ve said it before, and will say it again, in St. Louis weird and wicked weather is simply a fact of life. Elite Exteriors is proud to be a part of the St. Louis community. We are proud that our friends and neighbors have entrusted us with caring for their homes and families. Here are some more tips you can use to keep your home and property safe during a hailstorm. If hail does leave your home in need of repair we would be proud to be your contractor of choice to make your home safe and beautiful again.

Double Check Your Insurance

Like we’ve been saying, storms happen. You want to make sure that you have reliable homeowners insurance that will be there with financial support if you do suffer hail damages.

Here’s a basic list of the do’s and don’ts for most insurance companies regarding hail damage.

Homeowner insurance typically comes to the rescue if the hail has damaged components of your home that are key for its structural integrity like windows or roofing.

If the hail has caused only cosmetic damage and the issues do not impact the structural integrity of your home, the damage will most likely not be covered by insurance.

Also, your policy may have a separate deductible for wind and hail related damages.

When bad weather Strikes Act Quickly

After a hailstorm it is a good idea to give your home and roof a good once over to make sure that there is no damage. Even if it was a minor hailstorm small instances of damage can add up to big problems. For example, a small spot of roof damage can lead to water or mold problems. Problems like these can quickly balloon into something major if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Hail-Resistant Shingles Could Be a Good Idea

If you followed our posts then you know that the most important part of your home to protect from hail is your roof. There are some things you can do to strengthen your roof’s resistance to hail damage.

Investing in a roof made with impact resistant materials can go a long way toward fighting off storm damages. Modified asphalt shingles made with a material that is similar to rubber can help your roof better stand up to hail damage. Roofing material made from plastic, copper or aluminum could provide you with even more protection.

These hail-resistant materials may come at a higher cost. However, your insurance company may offer incentives for choosing these materials because they provide a better level of protection.

How to Protect Your Windows

Repeated exposure to even small pieces of hail can be very detrimental to your windows. Hail as small as a pea can lead to cracks and chips in Windows with repeated exposure. However, there are some pretty simple steps you can take to keep your windows in good shape. If your home has storm shutters make sure to close them to protect your windows from the onslaught of wicked weather. A plywood board over the windows will do the trick if you don’t have storm shutters.

The Most Important Take Away

The most important decision you can make for your home if you have received damage is to choose a reputable, local contractor that you can work with comfortably.

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