Tips for Window Washing Any Kind of Window in Your Home

Tips for Window Washing Any Kind of Window in Your Home

June 26, 2017 ( – Window Washing:  Let’s be honest, no one is chomping at the bit to get out and wash the windows. It can be a tedious project. But, if you follow these simple tips your window washing woes will soon be behind you. And, you can enjoy the feeling of a job well done as well as the great view out of your freshly cleaned windows.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

the old wives tale of cleaning windows with newspaper or paper towels simply isn’t a good approach. You just wind up smearing the dirt from one part of the window to another. Take a tip from the pros and use a squeegee to clean your windows.

The Proper Technique for a Picture Window

you want to start at the top left corner and pull the squeegee in a reverse S shape to the other side of the window. Lefties should start at the right side of the window. Between each stroke you want to clean the dirt off the squeegee with a lint free cloth.

After you’ve made your passes with the squeegee you will want to get rid of the stray droplets. To get rid of the drops you will want to use a chamois that you have wrung out. Using a chamois helps to get rid of the moisture without leaving any streaks behind.

Cleaning Multipane Windows

Cleaning multipane windows can be a bit trickier because of the spacing of the individual sections of glass. You want to make sure you have a squeegee that will comfortably fit in each pane. Ideally, your squeegee should be three quarters of an inch smaller than the width of each of the panes. If you can’t find a squeegee that’s the right size you can always use a hacksaw to cut it to the size you need.

Scrubbing Multipane Windows

Using a sponge or hog-bristle brush can be a great approach for multipane windows. It is best to use a natural sponge to clean your windows. These sponges tend to be firmer and more absorbent. You want to dip your sponge in a solution of liquid soap and water. You should work the sponge across the pane from left to right and top to bottom.

If you want to use a squeegee on multipane Windows poll the squeegee across the window from top to bottom. Just as before, you want to wipe the squeegee clean between strokes to avoid leaving streaks on the Windows.

If the squeegee squeaks or groans across the window add a little more soap to your cleaning solution. Just as we said before, after using your squeegee you should to use a chamois to get rid of the remaining drops.

With these basic tips and a little bit of simple technique cleaning your windows will be less of a chore. And, you will have an even better view than before.

If when you are cleaning your windows you notice a few exterior issues that you need fixed give us a call. We are your home exterior experts, and we are here to help you with any project big or small.

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