Inspect Your Deck Yearly

Why You Need to Have Your Deck Inspected Every Year

August 14, 2017 ( – Deck: As we move toward the end of summer and into the fall, many of us will be having outdoor gatherings and parties on the deck. For many folks, a deck is basically like having an extra room. Getting your deck inspected every year is critical to make sure you continue to enjoy gathering with friends and family and stay safe.

Time Marches On

Recent studies show that more than 40 million decks in the United States are over 20 years old. As you might imagine, a lot can change in 20 years. Building codes become updated and safer. Year after year of exposure to the elements can cause a material and structural issues.

Make Sure Your Wood Is Shipshape.

The ledger board connects the deck to your home. It’s responsible for supporting all of the weight for one side of the structure. The vibration and weight that comes with regular use can cause the connection between your deck and ledger board to loosen. It’s also a good idea to check the support beams and joints underneath the deck to make sure everything is properly supported.

Check the Flashing

The flashing is crucial for keeping moisture from collecting between the house and the deck. Make sure that your flashing runs the entire length of the ledger board and has no gaps, holes or other signs of damage. It should be installed behind the siding and over the ledger board. If you notice any moisture collecting, it’s a good idea to replace the flashing.

Check Fasteners

Your deck is only as safe as the components holding it together. You want to make sure you nail down any loose nails or tighten any screws. You should also check for any damaged or corroded fasteners.

Inspect Your Railing

Railing is not just for aesthetics. It’s imperative for safety. In fact, more injuries result from problems with railing than from a complete collapse of the deck. You want to make sure the railing is at least 36 inches tall per International Residential Codes. You also want to make sure that the space between the balusters is small enough so that children or pets can’t wiggle through.

Whether you notice a problem or you just want the peace of mind of knowing that your deck is good to go for another year give us a call. We are here to help. We are St. Louis owned and operated. It is a great point of pride for us to keep our friends and families homes beautiful and safe.

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