Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

Tips for choosing an exterior paint color

St. Louis, MO/ September 4, 2017 ( – Exterior Paint Color:  If paint the house has been on your to-do-list for a while, fall is a great time to do it. With so many colors on the market, how do you begin to narrow down what paint color is right for your home! Why do so many people paint the exterior of their home beige? The answer is simple. Exterior paint is harder to change, so people play it safe. This way, they won’t have to worry about getting out the ladder and paintbrushes later on.

If you’ve got the courage to paint your house something besides beige, we have some tips that will help you pick a color.

Start with Siding Samples

Heading down to the store and going through samples is only going to present you with a mind-boggling array of options. Do yourself a favor and narrow down your potential candidates by asking siding manufacturers for samples. Not that long ago, it would not have been advisable to rely on siding manufacturers for paint samples. There just weren’t that many manufacturers in the market. Times have changed. There are more manufacturers and technological advances have allowed for a broader color palette. You definitely don’t want to choose a paint color off of a brochure or computer monitor. Chances are it just won’t look like you expect it to when the job is done.

Check Samples in the Sunlight

We’ve all been there, we pick a paint sample in the store, and it just doesn’t look good when we get home. Make sure you always test out potential colors in the sunlight. This will allow you to get a true representation of what the color will be.

Don’t Reinvent the Color Wheel

There is a reason certain paint colors have withstood the test of time, they just work. You are more than welcome to trust your intuition. After all, it is your home. But, as we mentioned before, it is difficult to change the color of your home’s exterior. Choose colors deliberately.

Test It out First

If you can’t get the color your heart desires in a siding sample. Buy a can of paint, and test it on some plywood. This way, you will get an accurate representation of what the finished product will look like.

Most importantly, choosing a color for the exterior of your home is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Be sure to take your time and choose a color you will enjoy for years to come.

Let Us Help

If getting out the ladder and paintbrushes is a little too intimidating, we are here for you. Our home exterior pros are more than happy to paint your home for you. You will get a home exterior you love without any of the headaches that come with painting.

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