Winter Window Checklist

September 11, 2017 ( – Winter Window Checklist:  It may seem a little overzealous to be presenting tips on how to get your windows ready for winter before the end of September. But is it really? Think about how many times we have all said, “Yeah, I’ll do that before it gets cold.” Then we find ourselves in the heart of winter and the project is still not finished. Procrastination is just human nature. So, yes, now is actually the perfect time to start thinking about readying your home for winter’s chill.

Storm Windows

Replacing what you currently have with energy-efficient models will most likely save you money in the long run. However, it still involves a substantial expense initially. Storm windows are a less expensive alternative. They are made to be installed over your existing windows.

Check for Gaps and Cracks

If your windows were installed some time ago or even if they are relatively new, it is a good idea to inspect around them and make sure there are no leaks or cracks that will allow air to escape.

Change Starts From Within

No we are not waxing philosophical. The easiest alternative to replacing your windows is to make changes on the inside of your home. Adding weatherstripping around the windows will help to keep air from escaping. Many home improvement stores sell window installation kits. These are usually fairly inexpensive. They consist of plastic sheets that will stick to the glass and help to seal in the areas where air may be coming in and out of the house.

When to Replace

If your windows are older or the glass is thinner, replacing them may be your best bet. Replacing does involve an initial expense. However, if you have old, thin windows you can most likely save a nice chunk of change by installing new, energy efficient windows. They too can help you in terms of energy efficiency. An air pocket is created between the storm window and the original window. This improves your home’s insulation.

If you realized there are many gaps and cracks around your windows, or you think it is just time to replace or upgrade, give us a call. Our home exterior pros will help you pick the right models for your needs. Give us a call, and we will help you fight back against winter’s chill.

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